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PyV8 – Python Wrapper for Google V8 Javascript Engine

PyV8 is a python wrapper for Google V8 engine, it act as a bridge between the Python and JavaScript? objects, and support to hosting Google’s v8 engine in a python script.

python-google-url – A python wrapper for google-url project

A small library for parsing and canonicalizing URLs.

You could use it to parse URL with CUrl like urlparse.urlunparse

pymyqq – Python wrapper for the myqq library

PyMyQQ is a python wrapper for the myqq library, which could act as a QQ client.

pyfasthash – Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library

pyhash is a python non-cryptographic hash library. It provide several common hash algorithms with C/C++ implementation for performance.

rabbitmq-memcached – A memcached compatible interface for RabbitMQ

The rabbitmq-memcached project is a memcached adapter for the RabbitMQ server, which allow you use the memcache protocol to get or publish a message from or to RabbitMQ, just like the memcached based MemcacheQ (Simple Queue Service over Memcache) project.

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